Losberger de Boer wins the Emporia Gold Award 2023 for the best event construction at the 2023 Solheim Cup

13 Feb

The benchmark company for complex sports, gastronomic and cultural projects lives up to its title with this award thanks to its excellent work at Finca Cortesín last September

Always committed to large-scale events, Losberger de Boer was not going to miss the opportunity to show its talent at the 2023 Solheim Cup, collaborating in the hospitality’s construction areas for the most important women’s golf tournament in the world.

The protagonists were two tents of 3000 square metres, located on the 16th and 17th holes of the course. The latter has been the main responsible for the reception of the 2023 Emporia de Oro award, as it became a strategic place to host key moments of the championship, such as Carlota Ciganda’s last putt that gave the European team the victory on the last day.

During the week of the competition, thousands of people were able to enjoy not only a historic sporting event, but also an exclusive VIP hospitality experience. This was in large part thanks to Losberger de Boer, who went out of their way to ensure the highest quality in their work.

“This recognition is the result of our commitment to excellence and innovation in ephemeral construction and specifically in VIP hospitality spaces. Something that would not be possible if it were not for the trust and teamwork with our client D&B, JSS and Finca Cortesín” said Mónica Melero,  Losberger De Boer Iberia Director´s . “The objective was to provide an exclusive experience in a gastronomic space that would become a 360º viewpoint overlooking the playing field. We achieved our objectives in record time!”

The excellent results obtained by Losberger de Boer in the 2023 Solheim Cup have received their reward in this edition of the Emporia Gold Awards, getting a well-deserved recognition for their incredible performance in the competition.

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